A creative tithe is when a community fully supports an artist's practice and all the work made is given as a gift.​​


Creative Tithing combines the ancient practice of the tithe with the modern, “1% for the arts”.  We believe this mixture creates a little pocket of grace in our society, a place in our economy where we can give and receive art instead of buying and selling it. 

This practice is open to any and all who find it useful.



If you would like to gift your work to your community and receiving monthly tithe support; if this is something that you want to commit to, contact us and we'll connect your existing website as a link on our site. Each city will have its own page of artists.


If you don't have a website and want to use the template that we've created, let us know and we'll email it to you. The format we use is a pretty simple way to get to know an artist:


Past Projects

Current Projects


Calendar of events

There is also a tithe page where people can support you via Paypal, and where they can find out about the specific needs of a couple of your projects.

And finally, creative tithing is not limited to this site. If you and your community find a better way to support artist practices and gift art, that is wonderful. Please let us know how it works for you so that we can share best practices.

Thanks for submitting!


The simplest way to support is to support an artist you know with $20 a month.


If you don't know many artists, but love art, look through the artist pages (perhaps start with your city) and find an artist whose practice you want to see grow. Commit to supporting them with an ongoing monthly $20. There will be a Paypal button on their website under the tithe page where you can do that.


The deeper creative tithe is where you figure out what 1% of your monthly resources are, and then support a few artists, a few projects, or a mixture of the two. 


Supporting multiple artists in the same creative ecosystem is how art movements begin. For example, 125 people tithing to 5 different artists @ $20 each ($100) would support each of those artists with 30k a year.


Are you interested in exploring creative tithing further, but have questions?  First, check out our FAQ page. After that, don't hesitate to reach out and send us an email. Your questions help us to grow and better understand this shared practice. 

Thanks for submitting!




Money is one way to creative tithe. A montlhy gift of $20 is given to an artist's practice.


Collaborate on a work that is open to participation. There are often many ways to lend skills or presence to a project.


Space is often needed to rehearse, create, or show art. Or maybe you can facillitate a gathering to experience a piece, or provide a retreat space.


Maybe you already have the materials for a project that you can gift to the process. Or maybe you have materials that will inspire a project.